Special challenges for our community

10 years ago on my trip to South Africa, the Country of my guru Madiba, I met a company that made with recovered flip flops and recycled animals.

How it works


Clic Recycle platform is a tool that facilitates the path to Zero Waste and allows us to give our garbage a new life.

You said SDGs?


Sustainable development is a concept that first appeared in 1987 with the publication of the Brundtland Report, which warned of the negative environmental consequences of economic development and globalization and tried to find possible solutions to the problems derived from industrialization and the growth of the population.

Revive and Recycle: If you have old dresses only 100% cashmere that you want to throw away because they are discarded or have a hole and therefore you do not use them, do not leave them on the street Write us or call us and we will recover it with it, you will take a few points for this challenge...