Our platform facilitates comprehensive waste recycling, encompassing a variety of materials. We utilise Challenges to categorise items and encourage user participation. By completing Challenges, users gain access to various ways to engage with different industries through the Challenges page.

Clic Recycle opens up this challenge to dog and cat groomers! After our pets are groomed, that hair fills the garbage cans. So we found a way to recycle it. Clic Recycle has created a yarn that can be made from a variety of different fibers, like particular animal hair. Remember, this isn't new! #nothingsecreatodosetransform

10 years ago on my trip to South Africa, I met my guru, Madiba. I was introduced to a company that made sculpted art pieces from recycled flip-flops. They're made from flip-flops recovered from beaches, where we often lose and break our flip-flops. The plastic is melted and mixed to create swirling colors. I fell in love and took...

Cork Challenge


Valérie Itey, one of our founders, is originally from Bordeaux, a city known for its wine excellence, so we obviously had to include a cork challenge! Natural cork is one of the few forms of natural material that is completely eco-friendly. Unlike plastic corks, cork is renewable, fully recyclable, biodegradable, and 100% natural, with a negative...

You said SDGs?


Sustainable development is a concept that first appeared in 1987 with the publication of the Brundtland Report, which warned of the negative environmental consequences of economic development and globalization and tried to find possible solutions to the problems derived from industrialization and the growth of the population.

How it Works


Clic Recycle platform is a tool that facilitates the path to Zero Waste and allows us to give garbage a new life. Help reverse the environmental damage that waste creates on our streets, forests, and seas. At Clic Recycle we collect and recycle all types of waste marked by our Challenges initiative, the rest can be exchanged within the...

Revive and Recycle: If you have old clothing that is 100% cashmere that you want to get rid of, whether they're damaged or stained, don't throw them out! Write or call us and we will recover it! You will earn a few points for this Challenge and if you have more, there are corresponding points with 5 shipments-worth for recycled cashmere....