CASHMERE challenge


Revive and Recycle: If you have old dresses that are 100% cashmere that you want to get rid of, whether they're damaged or stained, don't throw them out! Write or call us and we will recover it! You will earn a few points for this Challenge and if you have more, there are corresponding points with 5 shipments-worth for recycled cashmere.


Caring for the environment begins with daily routines, and that is why we decide on Challenges that we know can affect more than one objective of sustainable development. Born to succeed, cashmere has held a position for centuries.


The main value of these garments is that they are made from a rare material, since it comes from cashmere goats, originally from Asia. These goats have a very small population, so they're called the "treasure of the mountains."


The production of this luxurious fabric is limited to once a year, because the wool can only be "harvested" when it's the appropriate length and quality. Clic Recycle advocates for the reuse of cashmere. The rewards for this Challenge include gloves made from cashmere for 5 shipments, or points for future discount deals and social projects.

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