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We are a community that's passionate about creating a waste-free world. We work with like-minded organizations and individual consumers in the clean beauty sector and HORECA we are the fist recycling program of hair in spain .

We are a hair closed loop recycling in more than 4 countries.

we are changing waste into ressources where design and innovation meet together.

Our network of eco-citizens allows our users to repurpose their old belongings., and our partners in the industry to get involved in being more sustainable.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed!

This initiative lets users easily network in dynamic collaboration - uniting users' social interests, corporate volunteering, solidarity campaigns, and fundraising projects. 

Together, we can build a sustainable ecosystem that transforms and repurposes items.

A system that benefits individuals and companies for their efforts to recycle. 

We are the environmentalist community.


Our market allows its users to recycle all kinds of waste. We use Challenges to categorize the types of items. In exchange for completing a Challenge, 

Visit the Challenges page to discover different ways to get involved in different industry. The aim is to create an accessible way to get involved in recycling.

Our mission is to connect our users, be it a person, a household, or a business to an easy method of recycling.

We provide a new, efficient solution to waste management.

Clic Recycle users and partners  are a part of the solution. Recycling and repurposing promote environmental sustainability and minimize waste output. 

Collect, transform, and make change!

Collaboration and network-building is Clic Recycle's novel management model.

the possibilities of waste human hair as a material and its integration into diferents industries.


Easy, register and start recycling your old belongings by letting other users know.

You can participate in one of our Challenges.

You will have access to online workshops offered by other members of our community that relate to the reuse of articles. Learn new ways to use things you no longer use.

In Clic Recycle you will find:

- A community committed to the idea of repurposing instead of throwing out.

- Recycling challenges posed by our associated sector stakeholders clean beauty and horeca

- Workshops and ideas on how to reuse your old belongings.

Change starts with you!

With your help, we can limit the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

Help us keep garbage out of our streets, forests, and oceans.

Start being a Clic Recycler and transform our planet. 

Savoir-faire a new world

Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle 

We are faced with the challenge of creating a waste-free world

HAKUNA MATATA - We must assume our responsibilities, and learn from the past instead of running from it.

Clic Recycle's mission is to change our consumption habits, modifying supply chains, reducing an excess of waste, and giving objects a new life. To accomplish this goal we've designed a novel geolocated waste recovery and distribution system to rescue articles from abandonment. 

Seeking to meet 11 of the 17 sustainable development objectives set by the UN.

We want to be proud of how we transform our waste

INSPIRED by people such as:






As well as: Christine de Pizan, Olympe de Gouges, Clara Zetkin, Simone de Beauvoir, Marguerite Yourcenar, Rosa Parks, Nawal El Saadawi y Simone Veil

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The Clúster de la Bioenergía de Catalunya (CBC) celebrates on May 18 in the Auditorium of the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, the 1st Bioenergy Night: 'Bioenergy, engine of ecological transformation', a day that will serve to give learn about trends and forecasts in the sector, promote networking among all attendees, and recognize the best practices...

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