How it works


Clic Recycle platform is a tool that facilitates the path to Zero Waste and allows us to give our garbage a new life. 

it is easy to sign up and start recycling what you don't need 

by signing up for our challenges or simply telling us what you want to throw away .

Soon you will be able to do it in our application .

 Don't leave our streets, forests or seas full of garbage. 

At Clic Recycle we collect and recycle all types of waste marked by challenges, the rest is given to each other in the community, 

All of this thanks to our agreements with producers, stores, manufacturers, industries, administrations and NGOs. 

Become a Clic Recycler and help us make our planet a new world, free from tons of garbage. The change starts with you! With your help, we can prevent millions of waste from ending up in landfill or incineration.

The first thing to do to use Clic Recycle is to create an account: 

We have different types of users:

 - Individuals:

 - Associations for cleaning beaches, forests, public roads or any other site

 - NGOs that are acting in the care of the environment.

 - Company that wants to mount a Challenge with us for recovery. or recover what users want to throw away,

-  Be a sponsorship supporting the project.

- Be a brand and we will thing an action for you a environmental campaigns

The platform being under construction at the moment, 

we ask you to send us a message through the form and we will contact you. 

Soon we will organize events related to collection challenges at a predefined place and date, to help us carry out intergenerational participatory challenges 

Start today and become a Clic Recycler