Challenge FLIP FLOP


10 years ago on my trip to South Africa, the Country of my guru Madiba, I met a company that made with recovered flip flops and recycled animals.

They were made of flip flops found and recovered to be able to make these animals, they came from the beaches where we always lose or break one.

The color was mixed and I fell in love. I took one with me and therefore I open this challenge to do the same, and give you a part of the benefits of these workshops.

Since then other associations were born and with this challenge we will help them by sending 1% of the price of those who participate in this challenge.

If you have lost some flip flops, do not throw them away, contact us and we will give you a new utility.

We are waiting for you to be able to carry out this challenge that is so beautiful.

It has already opened on many beaches on the Atlantic coast. I leave you here a photo of the one who will start this challenge.

there is always a reason .. it is never by chance.

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