Corks Challenge ( champagne, wine, cava, cidra, licors)


Valérie Itey one of the founders is originally from Bordeaux, the city par excellence of wine, the land of her grandparents, hence the need to meet this challenge was born. 

Natural Cork is one of the few forms of natural material  that is responsible and ecofriendly with the environment. Unlike plastic corks, cork is renewable, fully recyclable, biodegradable and 100% natural. with a negative carbon impact. 

To meet an important demand, the cork producers, the cork oak forests are shortening the time between two harvests and this over-exploitation has disastrous effects (appearance of parasitic fungi in particular). Hence the importance of recycling that contributes to the sustainable management of this material. 

What's the point of recycling? The recycling of corks allows the manufacture of cork granules for insulation and boards for parquet floors. Cork is a very good thermal and acoustic insulator, resistant to vibrations and water. It can also be very useful for more commonly used products such as cork boards, chairs, designer items, even shoe soles, yoga support block or to stay in a Surf. 

If you are a business, an individual, this challenge is for you 

 We have several programs for various types of partners

:- Member of public reoolector: Join the cork recycling movement by collecting corks from your customers in your shop window. 

- Private Collection Partner Collect cork with a private cork recycling container behind your business environment. 

- Event partner Collect cork at your public or private event. 

- Reuse partner Buy recycled granulated cork from our partners to use in their products.

 - Retail Partner Own the history of recycled cork in your storefront 

- Closed Circuit Partner Collect cork and sell products that our community has managed to make.

 Join the CORCHOS CHALLENGE movement of Clic Recycle, Thank you for your interest in joining the cork recycling movement. Complete the form to let us know what type of association is right for you. Upon completion, we will contact you to guide you through the rest of the process Participate in this challenge send us your corks and you will receive points, and much more You just have to recycle the corks