Hair Challenge - Recycling Hair


Clic Recycle CHALLENGE HAIR Recycling 


We are the first recycling program of hair in Spain, with a community of hairdressers and transformation in various applications. Clic recycle aims to create a globally applicable system where the hair waste would be turned into sustainable products. . Introducing a local, biodegradable, closed-loop, and cruelty-free material to different industry we will create a positive environmental impact and  contribute to a more sustainable future.

"Hair is the best and most concentrated natural plant fertilizer you can find on this planet." On the other hand, we are facing a really important environmental problem. Hundreds of thousands of hairdressers and beauty salons generate more than 7,000,000 million kilos of hair a year in Spain alone, and the hair generated by everyone on earth in a single year, amounts to 1,155,000 tons of hair. Impressive right? That's why the HAIR CHALLENGE was created!

We appeal to our hairdressing partners of this challenge to collect the hair in Clic Recycle kraft bags that they will send to Clic Recycle or we will recover. . 


Hair also pollutes! When hair decomposes in landfills, it increases the likelihood of nitrate leaking into aquifers and underground rivers.

On the other hand, burning hair worsens the air quality because of allergens and pollutants (Kohli 2008). Burning human hair releases extremely toxic gases and unfortunately, it's done quite frequently. Recycling hair is much better for the environment, we don't have to throw it in landfills or burn it. Human hair is versatile, waterproof, non-conductive, corrosion-free, fire-resistant, strong, durable, and can compete with products such as medium density fibreboard, fiberglass, polymers, aluminum. Consider this surprising fact: about 3 kilos of human hair contains 500 g of nitrogen, as much as 45 -90 kilos of cow manure. AS? 

Hairdressers with the Clic Recycle seal means that these salons have installed containers for the collection of hair. The seal represents their participation in the Challenge and willingness to contribute to these sustainability efforts.  

You can buy bags to recycle hair, a brochure to inform your customers of your support for the environment, and much more. We are studying various ways of reusing this organic waste to fertilize soil, isolate, reinforce the concrete, decontaminate the water from hydrocarbons, filter the rainwater, and help the winegrowers participating in this challenge. 

The hair is turned into compost. Compost is used to provide nutrients and improve soil fertility in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, urban agriculture and organic farming. An improved soil structure will increase the soil water retention ability and control soil erosion.

We need you to help us to achieve our goal and complete this Challenge. You register and we will send the participation forms to your email, which you can return to us completed. All that we need is your age and salon company for you to participate!

We thank you for your support! Join now and register!