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CLIC RECYCLE is dedicated to educating the community to improve sustainability efforts and support blue, green, and circular economies. Our mission goes beyond recycling; we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make impactful, environmentally conscious decisions. Explore our blog posts to learn more about the importance of sustainability and how you can contribute to a more sustainable, equitable future.

Our platform facilitates comprehensive waste recycling, encompassing a variety of materials. By utilizing innovative Challenges, we not only categorize these items but also engage and educate users on the importance of sustainable practices. Explore the Challenges page on our platform to see how you can take part in this exciting journey toward a more sustainable future.

At CLIC RECYCLE, we believe that true progress in sustainability comes from collaboration and collective effort. We are thrilled to partner with a diverse range of sustainability initiatives, entrepreneurs, and companies dedicated to environmental stewardship. Read our blog posts to discover how we engage with other business to generate innovation in the green, blue, and circular economies.

Recent Events

I am honored to have attended the #foruminnovasbd 2024 Technologies and Innovation Forum held on June 19th, 2024, which centered on Green Innovation. This is an event that promotes technological transfer and networking between companies, entrepreneurs, etc., who are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions.

On Friday, June 7th, 2024, CLIC RECYCLE proudly participated in a beach cleanup event at the Espaimar Nautical Club in Badalona, teaming up with enthusiastic volunteers dedicated to making a positive impact on our coastal environment. Together, we combed the beach to collect and sort an array of litter, including plastics, paper, cardboard,...

We are thrilled to welcome Salon @tachabeauty to our esteemed family of collaborators in our hair recycling program! It's a true honor to join forces with one of Spain's most prestigious spas in this crucial sustainability initiative.

Community & Actions

Climate Change - Ocean Protection - Fair Land Use - Plastic Pollution - Waste Management - Alternative Solutions

Sustainable Solutions for a Sustainable Planet

Together we can make a difference!


Clic Recycle was born in 2020 with the mission of restoring the planet for future generations. Since the beginning, we have worked with the core values of sustainability and circularity to reduce waste. With the core philosophy of eco-design that repairs damage to the environment, society, and the economy. We adopt sustainable practices that conserve natural resources, protect biodiversity, and mitigate climate change.


We convert waste into circular eco-design products with emphasis on sustainability in all stages of a products lifecycle, creating a balance between economic development and the preservation the environment.

Our recycling program offers tailor-made eco-friendly solutions for multiple industries that balance economic development and the preservation of the environment.


We arrange educational workshops and activities about sustainability, circularity, waste reduction, and reutilization with schools, communities, and companies CSR.

By organizing beach cleanups, art installations, and festivals, Clic Recycle's mission is to change our consumption habits, modify supply chains, and reduce excess of waste, with the spread of knowledge.

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