CLIC SEA ® Recycled Hair Booms - Hydrocarbon Absorbers Kit For Vessels

Description Discover our Clic SEA boom for vessel , an innovative and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon absorbent for inboard motor boats! The kit includes:

  • 2 CLIC SEA ® booms (300g ), made by integration workshops
  • 1 explanatory leaflet
  • 1 bags for collecting the saturated booms and give them to MARPOL
  • 1 100% Hemp tote bag made in Spain for transport

Each boom can remain positioned in the bilge of your boat for 4 months (excluding engine damage). Absorbent booms designed with washed recycled hair. Product Condition New Description of Item Condition Absorbent booms designed with washed recycled hair Brand CLIC SEA  Weight 0.8000 kg Dimensions 40x20x10 cm AND 40 X10X10 CM  Packaging 1 Unit SKU / Reference 

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