CLIC SEA® Sea Decontamination Barrier

Modular filter barriers made from hair waste that absorb and decontaminate water naturally, eliminating hydrocarbons and heavy metals. An ecological ecological product alternative to current products made of polypropylene and plastic.

These barriers are:

  • For rapid absorption of oil and fuel contamination on smooth-flowing and stagnant water surfaces. Suitable for ponds, lakes, rivers, ports, etc.
  • The robust modular construction is not damaged when deploying and retrieving the barriers.
  • Efficient adsorption of p.e. motor oil, diesel, heating oil, cutting oil, vegetable oil, oil-based solvents, etc. and repel water due to their hydrophobic structure.
  • Proven design with solid mesh and robust interior design, highly absorbent hair filling, made of human hair.

Each individual element can be attached to others using carabiners, allowing longer barriers to be created in complete safety.

We design carefully, being able to adapt the color and size at the client's request.

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