World clean up day eventSilent Disco Beach Clean - Let's Plogg and Dance!


The problem is vast, with researchers reporting that our Oceans contain over 5 trillions pieces of plastic1. With this much plastic in the Ocean inevitably it washes up on our beaches which end up covered in plastic waste.

As a result, the effect on marine life can be devastating, as fish, birds, sea turtles, and more wash up dead on our shores after consuming plastic.
Today is the day. I have a pleasure of being part of a great event from @GenevaBusinessSchool and try to give them a fun day mix with exercises , awareness , recollection , awareness and concerns. 

We will start with a plogging from the school to the beach , beach cleaning and all this with a silent disco and soundtrack from
Thanks to the business School and its students that always try to mix business and education as responsible leaders.

Indeed , helping future leaders to face with the problem of waste , to understand the various factors involved in the sustainable transition, will help them to make the right choices to incorporate and execute sustainable corporate goals .
Thanks for your efforts and compromise!

As such, beach clean-ups serve several purposes. 

The first is to collect waste and remove it from the environment.
The next reason is to increase public awareness. , there are still many who remain unaware of the problem.
Every image and stat shared on social media and that makes its way into the mainstream press helps raise awareness.
In turn, creating a greater level of recognition while provoking more people to become mindful of how they dispose of their own waste.

Remember that tomorrow 18/09/2021 you can join a lot of clean up places and organizations as it is the #worldcleanupday2021.
@clic_recycle will do a Plogging activities as always from 9h to 11H. DM