POP UP store of donations & recovery


Notice to the community!

One of the easiest ways to reduce waste is to sell it or give it away to anyone who needs, wants or fixes it!

First Pop up Store to give and take back!

Do you want to have more sustainable consumption so that everything does not end up in landfills?

Come and keep sharing instead of throwing your items that are wasted in landfills or other worse places!

If you wish, @transfolab_bcn invites us to the Open Day of the Poblenou!

To share this event with this experience among many others!

We will be there from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., in calle ciutat de grenade 71 with pujades, 08005 barcelona!

Llacuna Metro!

You have the opportunity to take what you need and share what you don't need, take a step back and imagine how to reuse those materials !!

Students, designers, artisans and artists, do you want to consume more sustainably and recycle with us?

Come and we will introduce you to the Clic Recycle community !!

We will give you the quality of the work and the passion without any consideration!

Think twice about how fast you consume things instead of wanting them!

Life is love !

In music, in nature, in animals, in humans! And also in these objects!

We don't consume Fast Fashion !! Come, we accept books, varieties of small household items, dishes or toys!

Maybe this item that doesn't interest you may interest someone else?

We are waiting for you !