Sup-ers Concentration Surfrider Foundation Europe


Fishtrash made by Clic Recycle .

Totally recycled and done with beauty.

"With métaphors you help people get the idea quickly and efficiently " !

We create impact and making something mémorable !

Environmmental waste collection , educational program for school , brands or companies .
Sport , art, and recycling is an new explosive way of spreading the words !
that it is enough we need to care our planet and rethinking our actions

Ask us your art as an impact ! we are doing action for the planet by events, workshop ,

Together with others organisations we were invited as partners by Surfrider Foundation Europe to made a Clean UP by sea ans sand .
WE were requested to come with our fishthateattrash.

#pezcomeplastico #art #trash #metqphoticalimpact
#impactbyart #impactbyculture #impactbymetaphoticalthinking !
be a clicrecyclers! recycling as fast as a Clic !