PUZZLE X ( Smart City 2021 )


PUZZLE X is the first convening forum to unite the world of Frontier Materials, social impact, entrepreneurship, business start-ups, corporate innovation, the forefront of materials science, and the Nations Sustainable Development Goals. United to facilitate the use of the materials of the future to help our world. today.

With the support of the Government of Spain, the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council PUZZLE X will be the first global initiative, event, business and risk center and the collision field of ideas, innovation and solutions for Frontier Materials Deep Tech + SDG. The first 365-day event and business builder and ecosystem builder, to go beyond science for the sake of science, science for the sake of commercialization, and focus on Deep Tech materials science for the sake of social impact.

Estuvismo invited to participate in the day The collinder Mobile world Capital barcelona.

What are the biggest challenges facing the industry today? What are the best materials innovations to address such challenges? These are some of the questions that our industry partners faced at the PUZZLE X Industry Challenge Definition workshop today at #PUZZLEX where Clic recycle was participating in the agrotech part.