Presentation at Institut Mare de Déu de La Merce


Clic Recycle had the pleasure of presenting to youth at Insitut Mare de Déu de La Merce. Valérie Itey, founder and coordinator for Clic Recycle, led the presentation to the school, discussing our current projects. She emphasized the importance of sustainable activism and ways to get involved with Clic Recycle. 

Educating young people about important environmental activism will promote sustainable change in the future. If they can integrate these values into their career, there will be a greater chance of success. Our goal at Clic Recycle is to initiate that process! 

The Insitut Mare de Déu de La Merce engages students in a wide variety of specialized skills, like cosmetology, mechanics, and audiovisual programs. The values and mission of Clic Recycle could align with like-minded individuals in these fields. Materials that we work with like mechanical parts and hair can be recycled within the Clic Recycle system. The students of Insitut Mare de Déu de La Merce now have access to the information they need to begin a sustainable cycle within their chosen career paths.