Clic Recycle was honored with the opportunity to participate in the Posidonia Green Festival. The goal of this festival is to share sustainability-centered art and promote involvement in environmental activism. Clic Recycle attended in order that we have a better understanding of local exhibitions and action in Barcelona. 

The festival included two days of lectures, films, and photo exhibitions. 

On the first day of the festival, we saw a documentary that is a MUST SEE: "FRIGHTENED- The Real Price of Maritime Transport," a daring investigation that reveals a key industry in the economy, the environment, and the model of our civilization. 

On the second day of the festival at ICM Barcelona, ​​the scientist Santiago Giralt was present, who shared anecdotes and scientific explanations behind the "Una Mirada Polar" exhibition ❄

Do you really know what the Poles are like?❄ The photography exhibition "Una Mirada Polar", invites us to explore these important and inhabitable regoins of our planet. Through different photographs, you can admire the beauty of the poles, as well as their current state as a result of the emission of greenhouse gases. The preservation of the poles is vital to the health of the Earth🌍💚. Tour the expo with us at the ICM! Shared below are some photos.

Later, there was a space for reflection in the "La Mujer y La Mar" project in which different stories of women who live by the sea are shared through science, sport, fishing, and passion.

Finally, there was a film session with the documentary "Mujeres de la mar / Sea women," which focuses on the history of women in fishing in Cantabria🌊.

The other days were full days of activities in the Civic Center of La Sedeta, the expo "El Coral Sonoro", as well as the EcoMarket. It started with the first workshop of the day to build instruments: The Reusonic Orchestra🎸. Two other workshops followed: "Plastics and Microplastics" and "Clic Recycle" on environmental education with a lot of creativity😮. Below are images of art made by young children representing environmental pollution.

There was also a space for reflection during the deep ecology workshop with Deniel Terrón, and the presentation by Carlo Padrissa in "LA FURA DELS BAUS ENTRE ARTE Y CIENCIA".

The festival ended with the presentation by the writer and activist Bárbara Vega and her book "7 years in 7 seas" 🌍 ...

There are photos below of the Click Recycle workshop.

The Clic Recycle creation workshops on climate change: 

The fish that eats plastic from recycled material, and the metaphorical definition of the paper penguin. The rhino made from recycled flip-flops, and Pascal the chameleon which changes color with pollution a university project (mathematics _tech_arte y sciencias) Institut d'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya, Elisava & Fab Lab Barcelona. 

Through these works of art, we can explore the visible problems of climate change as well as the stressful relationship with the oceans. Below are some works where we allow space to let your creativity express itself! An awareness workshop where the main weapon is our imagination and art is our ally! With little things, we are all part of the change! We will use art this time to raise awareness. SDG12 as the main objective of the action! For the love of blue! oceans, seas, and rivers... 

Let art take us away!

This workshop was meant to explain climate change and pollution to children with recycled art, the chameleon that changes color when it nears pollution, the penguin that has a red foot, the fish that eat plastic trash, and the rhinoceros with flip flops. 

These children got to express themselves through art to represent pollution to explain to me how they understand it.