Penedès Circular


# PenedèsCircular is a program that invites companies to start a transformation process towards the circular economy and industrial symbiosis as a strategy for competitiveness and economic reactivation.

Through actions of different formats, they will help companies and entrepreneurs that are not yet on this path to get started, and also providing value and support to those that have already started in the circular economy with projects that improve their transition to circularity.

They want to identify what needs and opportunities exist in the productive fabric of the region in order to be able to make the transition towards the circular economy. That is why we want to know what the companies of the region generate (waste, thermal processes, logistics and wasted machinery ...) in order to make a diagnosis that later helps us to develop a work plan that is useful and viable on a social, economic and social level. environmental.

This is a path that must be traveled with all socio-economic agents. Collaboration and innovation are essential in the transformation towards the circular economy.

On this occasion, Clic Recycle was able to present its cork challenge to be elaborated with the HORECA sector and the wine industry. Likewise, I present the action that was made with the Haro city council in La Rioja and the collaboration with the city council and the schools to explain the circular economy with direct experience.