Penedès Circular


#PenedèsCircular is a program that invites companies to begin the process of transitioning their system to a circular economy model, and using industrial symbiosis as a strategy for competitiveness and economic reactivation. 

Through various types of actions, they assist companies and entrepreneurs by providing the tools and support they need to transition into a circular, and sustainable, model of business.

#PenedèsCircular works to predict specific needs and opportunities that exist in the fabric of production in order to promote the transition to a circular economy model. They achieve this by gleaning information about the type of waste generated by companies (solid waste, thermal pollution, chemical waste, wasted machinery, etc.). Through this process, they are able to create a work plan tailored to each specific company that addresses ways to tackle their waste problem on social, economic, and environmental levels.

This is a path that must be traveled with all socio-economic agents. Collaboration and innovation are essential to the transformation towards the circular economy.

Clic Recycle presented the "Cork Challenge" in partnership with the HORECA sector and the wine industry. I presented the action that was crafted in conjunction with the Haro City Council in La Rioja, and collaborated with both the city council and the local schools to explain the circular economy model using direct, comprehensible experience.