Partnership with Tacha Beauty


We are thrilled to welcome Salon @tachabeauty to our esteemed family of collaborators in our hair recycling program! It's a true honor to join forces with one of Spain's most prestigious spas in this crucial sustainability initiative.

Salon Tacha not only excels in beauty and personal care but also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Recently, they were honored with the Salon Look award for "Best Salon Concept," a testament to their innovative and conscientious approach.

From this day forward, haircuts at Salon Tacha will contribute significantly to our shared mission of reducing waste and fostering eco-friendly practices. Each strand of hair will play a role in a noble cause, with the primary goal of safeguarding our water resources.

We are excited and proud to partner with an establishment that mirrors our values and vision for a cleaner, sustainable future. Our deepest gratitude to @lorealpro and @tachabeauty for joining us on this vital mission, and to all our supporters for their unwavering commitment. Together, we are making meaningful strides toward a better world for generations to come.