News SEXTA TV presents Clic Recycle


After the news in La Rioja from our hairdresser client. The sixth was interested in who was behind all this activity and project and decided to interview the port of Barcelona and make a video for weekday news. Nothing better than seeing it on video yourselves.

Recycle cut hair to fight pollution in the sea

A 'start up' has decided to collect part of the hair that is cut in hairdressers to give it a new life, forming anti-pollution barriers with it in the seas. This hair absorbs hydrocarbons from the water and retains moisture, also being used in agricultural soils.

What is done with the hair that we get cut at the hairdresser? With that question as a premise, a 'start up' has decided to give it a new life by using it in a way to help the environment. And it is that our hair absorbs oils and pollutants from the environment, which serves to form anti-pollution barriers with them in the seas or retain moisture in agricultural soils.

In Calahorra (La Rioja), they separate the natural hair from the chemical, packaging it and giving it to Valerie Itey, ECO of Clic Recycle. She explains to us that she tried to help agriculture and the blue economy. The hair that she collects is processed, part of which is used for agriculture, making meshes that retain moisture, and the rest is used for anti-pollution barriers.

Thus, they take advantage of the properties of hair to absorb oils or hydrocarbons and replace the old polypropylene barriers, a non-recyclable plastic, with sustainable ones.