Cleaning & Collection: The First Fish that Eats Plastic 


Last Saturday, Clic Recycle was on Badalona beach! Not to sunbathe but to clean it ... 

Clic Recycle strongly values our clean-up days on the beach. The whole community can come together and improve their environment by making small efforts like picking up trash. 


This activity allowed us to bring together the community, clean up a natural environment, and create a piece of art to represent our accomplishments. 


We spanned the whole beach collecting pollution and trash we could find! We had a boat travel out a ways to collect pollution in the water too! Then, we put everything together in order of category to create a work of art. The sculpture is a reminder to pick up after yourself and notice how humans are affecting the natural environment. 

Throwing trash on the ground is equivalent to giving to a fish to eat!

This playful but realistic metaphor of a trash-eating fish is helpful for teaching young people about the impact of trash on the natural environment. Can you see how waste thrown on the street can easily drift into the sea, harming the fish?

The next time you go to the beach, pay attention to the sand you are walking on. What do you see? Cigarette butts, paper, plastic bags, glass, or plastic bottles? 

Most pollution comes directly from the city! The waste abandoned in the streets of cities gradually drifts to the sea, because of the wind and rain patterns. Because of this, fish and other sea animals are harmed and killed. 

The UN reported that in 2021, 17 tons of plastic was dumped into the oceans each minute, which is equivalent to 9 to 12 million tons per year! 

There are actually over 150 million tons of plastics in the oceans, if this rate of pollution continues there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050; 750 million tons. Not to mention that this material takes between 100 and 400 years to degrade! 



A big thanks to the organizations that were present: Movimiento83, Ma'Kai, Espaimar C.N.B. , C. N. Bétulo, Plastic Attack Barcelona, ​​Ocean Beer, WWF Spain, SASBA Badalona, ​​Oceanogami, NoMasColillas Barcelona, ​​Red Paddleco Spain, Surfrider Europe, Paugaco.

We would also like to thank the students of the "Teamwork & Collaboration" class of the Geneva Business School as well as all those who shared this event with us!