Let's Clean Up Europe


We organized a day to clean up the natural spaces of our cities in a great movement at an international level. 


To get various companies and individuals engaged in sustainable action in their own community. With a joint action across Europe, we can better raise awareness of the amount of waste that we dump uncontrollably into natural environements. We are trying to promote awareness these community actions

Come join us picking up trash on 05/09:


- Administration, registration and authorization

- Start your day with us with yoga and meditation organized by @physioyinyang

- Sit in on a presentation by Clic Recycle about our community projects

- Come with us to pick up trash on the beach

- Account for all the waste we collect 

Thanks Espaimar CNB!

It was a great success! Thank you all for participating in this clean-up day in La Rioja and Badalona!

I have to thank @physioyingang, a conscientious yoga teacher who gave us her time, love, and passion to prepare us for this event.

At the Bosàbé restaurant that I invite you to go to if you don't know it!

To all my friends @takeoffcollaborations who came to show your support. Go check out their sustainable clothing brand!

Al espaimar_cbn for joining us and allowing us to use their space.

This is the start of many more community activities!