Las Jornadas DATEMATS


4 EM & Ts areas

Datemats investigates four specific macro areas of Emerging Materials and Technologies by considering the field of activities, competencies, and experience of universities. 

The Datemats project aims to create teaching methods and training guidelines, methodology and framework, training workshops addressed to managers and companies, entrepreneurship workshops addressed to start-ups related to emerging materials and technologies. They work to implement design-based teaching methods for students with a mix of experience in design and engineering in the field of Emerging Materials and Technologies (EM & Ts). This promotes knowledge and technology exchanges in academic and research centers. 

Clic Recycle got involved with Datemats so that we can engage in new training and teaching methods as well. This could include things like training our own employees to be eco-conscious, or teaching other companies and schools about environmental activism.

Below, is a link to stay connected with the Emerging Materials and Technologies of the project:

Instagram: @datematseu