Servicios Clic Recycle

Our Community 

A community where each user will have the opportunity to participate in the improvement of the environment, an "uberization" of the environment where we all participate and we all win. Our donation platform allows users to exchange and repurpose old belongings with other members of the community. With the freemium you can go to premium to get discounts and deals, but also an eco-citizen contract will calculate your positive impact thanks to your actions.  We partner with individual collectors like you within the community as well as production companies, stores, manufacturers, administrations, and small businesses. With your help, we will be able to prevent millions of waste from ending up in the landfill.

Brands /fundraising  

We are delighted to work for and with brands, and setting eco-challenges with them over time. 

See you within our community and ecological advertising platform. 

How your brand can help us promote responsible consumption?. Advertising has three main functions: to be informative, to be memorable and to be persuasive. The goal of green advertising is to create awareness of companies' conservation efforts. In this context, the figure of green marketing enters, which tries not only to promote products or services with environmental characteristics, but at the same time it promotes the implication of modifications to the entire core of the brand. 

For this we will create social campaigns. Thanks to our community, it can be in many ways to attract attention to your brand or obtain funds that help solve very specific problems about resource depletion, forest extinction or ocean pollution, to name a few. 

We are here to listen to you and give you the bell you need

ChallengesBuilding on the go

We organize special challenges with national agreements for products closely related to Clic Recycle. 

Being in the community you can recycle these products and thus participate in the challenge that we will set for you. 

You can have a discount on the final products that will be made with this challenge, or you will simply have points for some objectives that the challenge will mark. 

A way of life to see that your actions have value: tell us what you want us to recycle, we can set up a challenge for you. Brands have to realize that if they want to stay in the future, they will have to start taking sustainable action from the inside. 

Green marketing strategies are beginning to focus on future consumers and their needs, with sustainability at the heart of brand identity and communication.

Events, formations and  tallers

Talks, trainings, events or trips to strengthen the community and the impact that all its users have, 

we will give you a voice! 

A space also for people of the  silver economy  that are often forgotten,.

This community will achieve the change that our planet need  The beginning of a new post modern fashion for our planet. Volunteering in events with our affiliated associations after recovery of waste in beaches or forests or cities, or sporting events 

At Clic rectcyle we know that in order to face the problem of garbage and the remains of our society, the first step is to raise public awareness. For this reason, we aim to promote environmental education and generate knowledge, intergenerational participation, workshops and callers . we also work with universities or school, The objective of Clic Recycle is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural, urban spaces or our homes free of garbage. To do this, Clic Recycle proposes an approach to the problem in three dimensions: knowledge, prevention and participation

Ethical Pact of its Members

The purpose of the Clic Recycle Ethical Pact and book of action is to strengthen the ethical commitment, aligned with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, both of the company and the users and entities that are registered with it.

The development of our activity is based on integrity, as an honest conduct, and responsible in all areas.

Users commit to:

Carry out our activity responsibly, under a preventive approach that favors the environment,

Encourage citizens to use waste responsibly

Guarantee the transparency of the activity that has a direct link with citizens, such as collection.

Promote corporate social responsibility actions, indicating with the name of "collaborator" the entity that collaborates with us or that may be the object of this social action.

Contribute to the knowledge of the sector by truthfully reporting the activity carried out if requested by any body in charge of preparing sustainability reports,

Promote the knowledge and good image of Clic Recycle