The project

Clic Recycle is a community that promotes:

  • A network of Clic Recyclers with recycling supplies related to a Challenge.
  • A community in which to discard and repurpose objects. 
  • Recycling an abundance of materials sets an example for other generations. 
  • Set challenges to achieve recycling goals set by Clic Recycle for various types of waste in a given time frame to obtain discounts and promotions.
  • Sell recycled goods or help our partners refurbish and sell them.
  • Organize events and activities in our communities.


Whenever we stroll along our streets, go for a swim in the sea, or hike in the forest, we can see the enormous amount of waste that our current way of life produces and the negative impact it has on our planet.

We've chosen to listen to our elders and pave the way for a new system. A system that involves the community in the reduction of waste, with the help of commercial stakeholders to create a true ecosystem.

There is an ever-growing movement of people who are awakening to the current situation. Initiatives to clean beaches, avoid unnecessary packaging, and convert waste into works of art have grown. We want to help create a community that can drive these efforts and makes recycling more accessible and attractive to others who would like to join the cause.

We can give a new life to products that normally end up in the trash, transforming them into other products that can be useful for future generations.

Clic Recycle can be your digital community platform to reach the goal of zero waste and giving new life to discarded products. 

We've created this community to accomplish the goal of eliminating waste by recycling. We wish to support and help our partners with ideas about converting waste into new products.

Change starts with you. 

With your help, we can keep millions of tons of waste from ending up in landfill.

Together we can learn to be better consumers, reduce our waste generation, and let the planet breathe.

How to be a Clic Recycler

  • Before throwing anything out, ask if anyone in the community needs it. It's always better in your hands than in the trash
  • Sign up and become a Click Recycler and learn to reuse or give your waste to another click recycler who may know how to repurpose it. 
  • Participate in our challenges,
  • New eco-responsible brands, we will introduce you to those who are working towards the same goal as you.
  • Challenges will be done in conjunction with brands 

In the world of Clic Recycle, you will be able to reuse, throw away, or acquire waste with the rest of the partners. A community with the same conscience and objective.

Advantages of being a Clic Recycler

  • Get discounts and promotions for participating in our organized Challenges.
  • We want to be able to offer discounts in stores, businesses, and services when using the application and accumulate points for each waste that is recovered or that you will give instead of throwing it away, they can be exchanged for tickets, products or promotions from companies attached to the platform.
  • We will also give you workshops to learn how to give a new life to what you no longer use.
  • Endorse a smart contract of your involvement for the sustainable development goals thanks to your registration in Clic Recycle. 

Can you help us make it possible?

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