Human Trash Parade


Last Saturday, Clic Recycle and Bûmerang organized a "Human Trash" parade at the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona ...


This march was a great way to bring awareness to the city of Barcelona and make visible the amount of trash lying in the streets. 


We started the parade at the Arco de Triunfo, marched down to the Barceloneta beach, and ended at Restaurant Cacho, where we did trivia, prize drawings, etc.

If you saw a group marching around the city dressed in trash... that was us!! And imagine, each of us carried 6 kg of trash on our body... 

Those who were present were able to learn more about the harmful impact of single-use plastic and knowledge about pollution management! And for their participation, they were able to win surprise prizes!

Did you know that on average humans produce     2 BILLION tons of waste per year?
Car tires are one of the primary sources of microplastics. They are made of synthetic rubber, which produces plastic particles as it wears down. 11 million tires are thrown out each year, and those particles then enter the ocean.  51 trillion pieces of microplastics are floating on the ocean right now!

Look what we found on just one street, it's amazing! There were piles and piles of all sorts of trash...

Do not litter! Don't throw your trash on the ground when you know how quickly it will enter natural environments and harm animals. There are trashcans on every corner!

Did you know that a plastic bag takes 400 years to decompose? The Sagrada Familia has been under construction for 139 years and will take less time to complete...

Thanks to Bûmerang who organized this parade with us, to 90.10 Project, to Usar y Reusar, to Cacho and to everyone who participated! We hope to be able to organize other events with you!

Without awareness and education, there will be no change!