I feel delighted to have attended the #ExoBootcamp of #Sustainability organized by ACCIÓ and many thanks to the speaker, Corina Almagro Almagro, for sharing her ideas on disruptive innovation. It was a fantastic experience learning about the latest technologies that are transforming various industries, including start-ups and corporations from different countries. I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in organizing such an informative event. Looking forward to attending the upcoming online sessions, "Disruptour The Future of the Planet". As a business owner, I'm looking forward to exploring the latest trends in #sustainability and the #circulareconomy, and the challenges we need to address in the future. I am excited to hear from experts from the Generalitat de Catalunya offices and international start-ups and corporations who will share their experiences and insights. If you are a company interested in innovation, technology and R&D, I recommend you join this "disruptour". It will be an excellent opportunity to generate new challenges for your company by adapting to the changing environment, adopting new technologies and using innovative business models. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the most innovative ecosystems in the world. Once again, many thanks to ACCIÓ and everyone involved, and I look forward to joining the next online sessions!

More information: https://lnkd.in/eT_7xaRF