Awarness training in Badalona


Today, Valérie Itey was at the Espaimar nautical club in Badalona to give an awareness course to 20 children! The course dealt with the management of our waste and its impact on the environment ...

Children represent the future generations of tomorrow, so it is their planet that we have been gradually destroying for many decades. It is important to educate them and educate them so that they do not make the same mistakes as us later and preserve their environment, this can also allow them to educate those around them.

The awareness course took place over 1 hour within the Espaimar club, On the program there was; the lifespan of waste (plastics, cigarette ends, glass, etc.), their impact on the environment, possible solutions for recycling them (transformation, reuse, etc.), recycling solutions for the products that are uses daily and finally a quiz with the essential elements of the course ...

The children were very interested (more than expected) by the subject and enjoyed participating in the course by answering the quiz or by offering recycling solutions that they intended to present to their parents afterwards!

And you, did you know that the cigarette butt you saw on the beach will stay there for 2 years, if it does not end up in the water to infest the beings that live there?