Eco-conscious Training in Badalona


Valérie Itey presented to youth at the Espaimar Nautical Club in Badalona to increase their understanding of eco-consciousness. It was a training course given to 20 children! The course dealt with the management of pollution and its impact on the environment ...


Children are the future. It's their planet now and we have been gradually destroying it for many decades. It's crucial that we educate them so that we can promote change and they can have a more holistic lifestyle to preserve the environment. The objective of this course is to get kids talking about sustainable action and understand it better. 


This lesson lasted about an hour and we got to talk about: the lifespan of trash (plastics, cigarette ends, glass, etc.), their impact on the environment, possible solutions for recycling them (transformation, reuse, etc.), recycling solutions for items that are used daily, and finally a quiz with the essential elements of the course ...

The children were very interested (more than expected) by the subject and enjoyed participating in the course by answering the quiz or by offering recycling solutions that they intended to present to their parents afterwards!

DID YOU KNOW that the cigarette butt you saw on the beach will be there for 2 years if it doesn't end up in the water